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(If your computer is still running in 640 by 480 mode then you really should go and find out what the word 'UPGRADE' means.
 Take our advice, you really need to go out and buy yourself some new hardware -go on, you know you've been wanting to (and let's be honest, you really, really need to). Here are some pointers: First of all you must get yourself  a decent graphics card, preferably with 3D acceleration (after some recent graphics troubles, Geoff would definitely recommend a Geforce of some sort - FX is pretty damn good), and while you're at it, don't underestimate the importance of a good sound card, especially when accompanied by a set of quality quadraphonic speakers (Creative Labs have never let us down. ), oh yes, it is also becoming imperative that all computers have a DVD CD-ROM so why don't you get a lovely 50 odd speed drive and as a finishing touch get a whopping 19' monitor for the perfect gaming/home theatre system.)